Mission Statment

My aim is to provide Quality driving instruction and tuition to those wanting to learn to drive, to improve their Driving skills, encouraging safe driving practices as a life skill, not just to pass the driving test.


Using a structured approach to driving instruction, our objective is to educate drivers to the required standard for the British Driving Test as set by the DSA. Encouraging all drivers to make use of recommended research material in the form of books, videos, DVDs and the internet to improve driver knowledge prior to and after the theory test. During the term of training, additional practice is encouraged if available, and advice for accompanying drivers is always available. After passing their driving test, further training is encouraged and available in the form of motorway driving, the PassPlus course, or moving further on to advanced driving skills. Encouraging all to take responsibility for there own safe driving. Promoting safer roads through continued driver education and training.

'Safe Driving For Life'